Who We Are

LifeBack is your trusted personal coaching service aimed to supporting our customers get their lives back and fully engaged in what he or she values most. Our services were created to support men and women with the discovering what they want and getting it.
Having started out as a small company, LifeBack has grown into a leading professional service. We believe in providing the secrets to unlock your hidden desires and the tools and methodologies needed to move past difficulties and live every day as your best life now.

Your character is what shapes your execution in life. It is the essential guide to how we implement our core values and for which we experience our work in peace and rightness.

We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are committed to listen and respond positively to your needs.

We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in our partnerships, products, and services we provide for our customers.

Love for humanity makes us better at what we do. It inspires us to create a company filled with exciting ideas and innovative thinking. It drives to do our best, to give more, and never to accept something as ‘good enough’


We offer a series of suggested programs that were created with the needs and the interests of the individual in mind
Life mastery
Goal execution
It is our goal to help our customers reconnect and discover their inner and lasting happiness. If you are struggling to get ahead in life and the burdens bringing you down, it is time to take charge. Investing with LifeBack can help you get what you want and need by working on uncovering what you want for yourself, your life, and for others. We believe the boundaries are limitless when you find your passion and unleash the confidence needed to achieve your personal and professionals' goals. From our get it back plan to our start doing initiative, the purpose of LifeBack is to assist every client in learning their importance and their worth. When we understand our talents skills and value, we are better equipped to make essential life decisions. At the end of the day, LifeBack was created to help customers realize their dreams by getting in touch with the truth within. We aim to assist every one of our customers to become all they can be to make healthier choices and achieve our core values of respect for oneself, respect for others and for life.

Our 3 C’s

LifeBack focuses on three key principles that guide our practices



Everything begins with the courage to walk your own path. LifeBack designed each of its programs to encourage boldness, strength and courageousness in our customers. We aim to help you take the initiative to achieve your goals and dreams.



To assist in achieving a positive difference and unlocking the potential and purpose of others requires partnership with our customers. Together we unlock your ability to design and create the life you really want to live.



Once courage and creativity are mastered your personal capability will move you into the life you have constructed from the place of what you value most.

About Our Founder

Cari Skrdla is the founder of LifeBack. Through her dedication and focus she has served as the inspiration behind the personal coaching methods that has changed the lives of many men and women. It was her vision to assist others in obtaining happiness and freedom by living a life created from their values and not standards and ideals. LifeBack was her brainchild and continues to develop and expand into an incredible life-changing program for all.

Meet our


Create a Life
You Want to Live

We read stories of people who have changed their lives to fulfill their dreams. People who desired to be a writer or an entrepreneur and finally took the leap and did it. What's consistent in these stories is that they all decided to live life on purpose. Come to our next workshop or event and began living your life on purpose too.

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Hear From Our Clients

Cari is a leader among leaders! She is smart and has a fearless stand for people especially the disenfranchised. I enjoy working with her because she continues to bring her passion, vision, and spiritual mastery to whoever and whatever she encounters. Your life will be altered with Cari as your Coach you will go deep and far into what is possible for yourself and as a contribution to humanity!

Louisa Percudani Kasdan Lippsmith LLP

What I love about Cari is her ability to dream your dream with you. She won’t let you back down from living life to the fullest.

Brian Clay

I've worked with Cari on numerous occasions since the mid-1990's. She is a true professional. She combines vision, passion, creativity, and enthusiasm with trust, integrity, and flawless execution to deliver superior results. I rely on Cari's expertise to assist me with my personal and professional achievements.

Keil Lamont Talk Radio Personality

We tell people, Cari is one of our biggest spiritual and life teachers. Because she is. She has shifted my perspective on myself, life and manifesting. After even 1 hour, I learned truly what it takes to manifest what I want and the principles to make it happen daily. I highly recommend her work because you will walk away knowing how to LITERALLY live the life you want.

Jocelyn Freeman Co author of The New Power Couple

Cari is a loving, compassionate, and highly effective coach with a boundless passion for supporting others in fulfilling their goals.

Melinda Parris